At Embrace Wellness, communication in an important part of your treatment plan! Michelle works with each patient to determine a treatment regimen that is customized to fit your needs. Adjustments to your treatment schedule will be established in the beginning.  As improvements are made, treatments will be less frequent. Laboratory monitoring may be recommended to assist with quality care.


Can occur at all ages. It can be a problem of bacteria, hormonal, or combination. Acne occurs when pores in the skin become clogged.  It begins with dead skin cells. The body makes lots of oil also known as sebum to help keep skin from drying out, the dead skin cells stick together inside the pore. A person with dry skin can have acne as compensating to help moisturize by increasing production.  Individual consultation will be performed.  Topical medications such as antibiotics, retinoids, salicylic acid may be beneficial however a skin care regimen is very important. At Embrace Wellness will perform an intake evaluation looking at skin qualities, condition, along with diet, hygiene regimen, previous treatment that have worked and failed. Recommendations are individual as each person is different and may have various causes. Diet changes, supplementation along with medical skin care regimen may be recommended. Embrace Wellness offers professional treatments to assist with treating acne include Medical Microderm Abrasion and Medical Grade Chemical Peels. They have been found to be highly beneficial in treating acne. Treatment Packages are available for special pricing at Embrace Wellness.


Hormone Imbalances

Polycystic ovary, Endometriosis, Hirsutism, Perimenopause, Adrenal Fatigue are often seen at Embrace Wellness. Balancing of hormones is a multifactorial approach. Bio-identical hormones are used to help balance however often are not necessary. By making lifestyle changes with diet and exercise along with some supplementation may help balance without the need of additional hormones. They may be used initially and not needed long term. Each situation is different and treated with individual approach.


Thyroid Disorder

Often will see patients who “feel” their Thyroid is “off” and not workingright. It may be an alteration of different hormones actually contributing to the symptoms such as Adrenals, or Progesterone/Estrogen /DHEA/Testosterone alteration. It is a balancing act! Duringthe consultation will discuss symptoms, as well as look at risk factors, lifestyle and previous levels evaluated. May recommend further to rule out other causes of the symptoms and testing to look deeper at Thyroid Antibodies, Reverse T3 (which can be altered by stress), as well as hormone panel. At Embrace work with Bio-Identical Hormones working with local Compounding Pharmacists. Supplementation with Synthroid, T3, or combination T3, T4 may be recommended as well as nutrition directed at supporting thyroid. Ideal functioning thyroid levels are individual. Natural medicine recommends TSH level of 1.0-2.0. It will be recommended to have routine monitoring of bloodwork to ensure appropriate levels. There are risks if TSH is too suppressed which can be detrimental for the heart causing dysrhythmias such as atrial fib, bone loss contributing to osteoporosis, also eyes can become bulged such as Exophthalmos. Most people will say they feel best with a low TSH however the consequence can’t be reversed. Therefore recommend TSH be closely monitored if managing at low end of normal. Also recommend diet, exercise changes and nutritional management.


Low Glycemic Education

One on one consultation will be performed and followed over a session of visits. Follow up depends on the individuals need. Will educate on Low Glycemic eating as well as assist with grocery list, easy to follow recipes, motivate healthy eating, tips to stay on track while traveling or eating out. Low glycemic eating helps regulate blood sugar, consists of choosing and balancing foods to keep blood sugars level. Sugar is known to be inflammatory. Most disease and aging are linked to inflammation. By following a diet rich in nutrition, with unlimited vegetables, good omega fatty acids, protein rich foods along with whole grains and fruit in moderation have been found beneficial to help with inflammation, decreasing risk for disease and aging. Supplementations may be recommended depending on individual needs.


Dyslipidemia (High Cholesterol)

Abnormal levels of various fat in the blood. Measured fats include HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, and Total Cholesterol level. Highly affected by lifestyle such as diet, alcohol, exercise. Can be hereditary. Recommendations with be made regarding individual lipid levels, risk factors. Use a fusion of natural medicine along with prescription when necessary. Lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise often work well in treating.


Is defined as widespread pain ongoing greater than 6 months. This means all 4 quadrants of the body, upper and lower are affected. Various health conditions that can present as Fibromyalgia are ruled out before making diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Once Fibromyalgia is diagnosed lifestyle changes, supplementation and medications depending on symptoms and needs will be recommended.  Studies have shown the use of Narcotics with Fibromyalgia can actually worsen Fibromyalgia pain. At Embrace Wellness we work together with patient to determine treatment regimen. Sleep often is disrupted with Fibromyalgia. We will work together to determine best treatment as it may be supplements, prescriptions or a combination. Exercise which starts with a stretching regimen is very important. I know it sounds harsh for me to recommend when you are hurting but it works. We will work on ways to help you adjust and ease the introduction of exercise into your lifestyle. If you are already on an exercise regimen we will work to continue to advance your activity level as it is an extremely important part of your treatment regimen! It often works best to have a multidisciplinary approach. Utilizing Massage, Occupational Therapy (for myofascial release), Physical Therapy, Chiropractic treatment, Acupuncture, Counseling with a Clinical Psychologist to assist with Chronic pain.  It also is important to have annual re-evaluation to ensure no underlying problem is evolving.

Chronic Fatigue

Unusual fatigue lasting more than 6 months.  Will consist of a consultation reviewing sleep hygiene, possibly recommend a sleep study. We will rule out other possible contributing factors and treat accordingly with a holistic approach. Regular exercise as tolerated along with low glycemic eating to maintain blood sugars is highly recommended. We will work together to determine appropriate treatment regimen. Activity level recommended is on an individual basis. We will work together to help you make achievable goals. Low glycemic eating education and support is available at Embrace Wellness as part of treatment regimen.


Often described as an overwhelming feeling, unable to shut mind down. May affect quality of life, sleep, depending on severity a difficulty functioning with everyday life. At Embrace Wellness will perform a consultation to look at any underlying disorder, previous episodes and successful or failed treatments. Recommend an individual treatment regimen targeting individual needs.  Often recommend multidisciplinary approach with Counselor to help provide resources for self-soothing/coping techniques along with lifestyle changes to include diet (low glycemic) rich in healthy fat, exercise, meditation, relaxation breathing, acupuncture, supplementation and prescriptions as necessary. Often can occur with Depression. A Depression/Anxiety screening will be completed at first visit and may be completed at follow up appointments to help with monitoring treatment.


Often described as feeling down, lacking ambition, loss of energy, bad or negative thought. At Embrace Wellness we will perform a consultation to look at family history, previous episodes, treatments failed or beneficial, depression/anxiety screening will be completed at first visit and may be completed at follow up appointments for monitoring. Recommendations are individual and will include sleep hygiene, diet, exercise, supplementation and medications as indicated.  Often as energy improves it gets easier to make lifestyle changes to help promote positive mental health!

Restless Legs

Is a sensation of legs needing to move, uneasy, crawling sensation or discomfort. Often most noticeable at night when wanting to lay down and go to sleep. It can occur during the day however often reported most bothersome at night as can interrupt sleep. A consultation will be completed to look at possible causes. Can be related to low Iron levels or Vascular problem which will be ruled out. Treatment regimen consists of lifestyle recommendations along with supplementation and/or medications when needed. By improving Restless legs often sleep is improved which can improve sense of well-being.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diet and activity level are so very important in managing Diabetes. Following a low Glycemic Diet, limiting simple sugars, increasing activity and movement can help.  Type 2 can be managed successfully with diet and exercise, recommend insulin level less than 10, using supplements and prescription medications to decrease insulin levels ultimately helping control blood sugars. Often work with the Diabetes Nurse Practitioner Specialists for advanced Diabetes as have natural options as well as low glycemic education to assist with managing Diabetes.

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